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Introduction: Meet Our Team!

October 10, 2012

This blog was created and recorded by the front row Team 1 from the 9:30am class: Lindsay Bernstein, Veronica Everest, Emily James, Ricky Mammone, Evan Quinn and Maddie Welsh. In this blog we will discuss the following topics that we studied in class:

– Personality
– Emotional Intelligence
– Attitudes
– Diversity
– Ethics
– Leadership and Teamwork
– Final Integrative Blog

We will compare these topics to examples from various YouTube videos, real-life examples and our own personal experiences. As a team we make up a variety of personality types, we have a variety of interests, we are pursuing different majors and concentrations within the business school, and we come from different parts of the United States. Below is a little bit about each of us, and how we feel we contributed to our team:

Ricky Mammone: I’m a junior BEM major. I’m from Warren Township, NJ and Wake Forest was a big culture jump for me. My personality type is ENTP. I started a t-shirt company in high school with my friends that was for a charity. I take pride in my creativity and my sense of humor (even though some people don’t find me funny, especially Emily)

Evan Quinn: I am originally from Princeton, NJ but I currently live in San Clemente, CA (an hour south of LA). I am a junior BEM major, a music minor, and a Wake Forest football equipment manager. I love the Philadelphia Eagles. My personality type is ESFP. I plan on pursuing a career in either sports management or the music industry.

Veronica Everest: I am a junior accounting major. I am originally from Delaware, but I currently live in Avondale, PA. I enjoy music, art, and sports. I would like to pursue a career in accounting after graduation. My personality type is ISTJ.

Maddie Welsh: I am a junior from Baltimore, MD. I am a BEM Major, concentrating in Non-profit Management and Consulting, and double minor in Dance and Latin American Studies. I love to dance and travel! I am on Dance Company (the Fall Dance Concert is coming up at the end of November) and last semester I studied abroad in Chile and had an awesome time. My personality type is ESFJ.

Emily James: I am from the small state of Rhode Island. I am a BEM major and an ESE minor. I am also member of the Wake Forest Dance Company. Dancing, listening to all kinds of music, and surfing are my favorite things to do. I would live on a tropical island if I could. My personality type is ESFP. I hope to pursue a career centered around creativity, innovation, and adventure.

Lindsay Bernstein: I’m a junior Accounting major and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I would like to pursue a career in public accounting and hope to stay on the east coast. Some of my favorite things include hockey, funny movies, chocolate, and dogs. My personality type is ENFP.


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